The Chuvinha BJJ rashguard

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A few months ago we started designing a new rashguard for the up and coming BJJ athlete Wallifer Daniel from Goiania, BRAZIL.

As most of the competitors from Brazil, Wallifer goes under the nickname Chuvinha (Rain) and we decided to run with that theme, on our concept meeting.

In the Japanese Shinto mythology, the god of thunder and lighting, RAIJIN is depicted as horned creature, carrying set of drums in the sky. It is believed, that when he beats the taiko drums, thunders and lightings come out.

After setting up the main composition for the back piece as RAIJIN, the hand drawing of the model was under way and we started work on the front piece of the rashguard.

The rough sketch, before digital preparation:

We set on the kanji of Ame (Rain in Japanese), surrounded by the sacred Shinto straw rope Shimenawa, for protection of evil spirits.

The rough sketch, before digital preparation:

On the right sleeve we added the logo of the MI SPORTS sponsored Yagadome project and we sent the files for sample production in our partners factory.

Needless to say, samples came out great!

We are more than happy to announce, that Chuvinha BJJ rashguards will be available to pre- order starting middle of August, from our website and our partnering distributors in EU, USA and Japan.

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