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The TOMOMORI Hoodie is a design, based on one of the most celebrated characters from medieval Japan- the general Taira no Tomomori (平知盛).

The head of Taira clan was a brilliant strategist, winning all of his battles, leading to the decisive conflict with his rival, the Minamoto clan, at the Kanmon Straits.

During the heavy naval battle, general Taira no Tomomori suffered a defeat.

Watching his loyal samurais, preparing to commit mass seppuku, choosing death before dishonor, the general tied himself to the ship's anchor and jumped into the ocean depths.


Hand drawn design

Standard EU sizes

%100 heavy duty, high quality cotton

Comes only in dark grey.


*FREE SHIPPING to our traditional locations: USA, EU and Japan. Please contact us, if your country is not in one of those, so we can try to work on the logistics.

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