Foot Fetish Club is now available in the shop!

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After the great feedback we have received for the Foot Fetish Club design, we tested a few materials and we are happy to announce, that the new product is already available in our online shop!

We decided to go for a 95% polyester and 5% spandex Tshirt/ rash guard, great to wear on the mat, as well as on a date!

And we had the pleasure to have the 2 times Combat Wrestling world champions Kamen Georgiev and Boris Velichkov to pose as our main models for the Foot Fetish Club, while they visited Osaka for a seminar, on their way to their 3rd Combat Wrestling worlds!

What makes this special, is that Mr. Georgiev won all his matches in the last year Combat Wrestling worlds with his favorite technique… the toe hold!

Please enjoy!


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