Vibora: Creeping Out of the Shadows

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The VIBORA rashguard has been creeping in the back for some months now, preparing for the right moment to come to the light.

And here it is:

MI SPORTS last creation, the VIBORA, was based on several ideas:

  • Snake neckless talisman: In some underground societies in Japan, the Snake is divine and has healing powers, hence, tattooed around the neck, is a symbol and has a protective meaning.
  • Irezumi layout: OK, we played around a bit 🙂 Usually, the area around the neck and middle chest are kept untattooed, in case the wearer needs to open up his shirt and can still not reveal his tattoos. We reversed that idea and made the rashguard owner looks like even his soul is tattooed.
  • The Snake skin: Snake scales provide the serpentines with excellent protective armor, making it the perfect predator!
  • The Warrior Kanji: The Japanese Kanji for Warrior (強者) has been associated with our brand for a long time and we couldn’t miss the chance to have it engraved on the chest of this beautiful rash guard: