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Winter is coming and MI SPORTS got your back!

The heavy duty cotton TOMOMORI hoodie is finally on the market!

After months of secret development, away from evil eyes, the tribute to General Taira no Tomomori is now officially in!

Taira no Tomomori (平知盛) was the head of Taira clan, in medieval Japan.

Battling the rival Minamoto clan, General Taira proved himself to be a innovative and brilliant strategist and outsmarted his opponents in every field, including naval battles.

The final stand off was at the Kamon Straits, where Minamoto clan put on a fierce defense and managed to defeat clan Taira.

General Tomomori, at the sight of his loyal samurais, preparing to commit mass seppuku, choosing death before dishonor, tied himself to the ship’s anchor and dived into the ocean abyss.

Up until this day, Taira no Tomomori is one of the most celebrated figures in Kabuki plays, usually depicted as back from the death ghost, eternally looking for revenge over the Minamoto clan.