The ONDORI Shorts

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The ONDORI Shorts are now officially IN!

ONDORI means a Rooster in Japanese, hence the original, hand drawn rooster, as a symbol of masculinity and violence, covers the left leg of the shorts, with the right leg, covered with MI SPORTS logo.

Originally developed as a part of our Combat Wrestling and Sambo uniforms, we had to redesign the cut, test several printing techniques in all our partnering factories, to finally decide to manufacture in Bulgaria, where the samples came out perfect!

The fit is a bit looser than regular compression shorts, making them suitable for all styles of grappling arts or fitness workout.

We did our best to find light, durable and stretching material, to improve the performance to its maximum.

Next, we experimented with the printing, since we really wanted to have best exposure of the beautiful Rooster image. We experimented with several techniques and had to eliminate sublimation, because of the transparency it creates, while stretched. So we decided to have a special technique, used by our Bulgarian partners, whose print turned out the most durable one, and stayed unchanged even after almost a month of washing and daily rolling.

Finally, we fixed the waist line cut and had a few high level competitors from different styles, to give their opinions, until we reach full consensus.

Best matched with our rash guards!