The official CW 2018 snapback is out!

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As of last year, MI SPORTS is designing some of the official fan merchandise for the FICW (the International Combat Wrestling Federation) and we have decided to incorporate traditional cultural elements from Japan into our designs.

Last year, we made the official CW 2017 snapback hat, with the Buddhist Nio guardians (temple guardians) wrestling each other print on the under brim.

The hat turned out as one of our most popular items and was quickly sold out (soon to be brought back In Stock to our online store).

For this year, we have decided to present the Nebuta festival floats design style into our CW 2018 snapback.

The Nebuta images are traditionally depicting warriors and mythical figures from the folklore of Japan.

Here is a video from Aomori Nebuta festival 2017, parading beautifully arranged and illuminated floats:

And here is the hand made design, we are using for the under brim print this year:

As of today, the CW 2018 Snapback is available for pre- order!

We are currently manufacturing our first batch (to be ready by the end of July), so dont be shy and try to get yours in time!

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