KillEm All Tee

The KillEm All Tshirt is now revamped and coming back on our catalog! Long time favorite to our fans, we decided to bring back the classic and get you some gear for the summer. Designed in Osaka, JAPAN and manufactured in Hungary, EU, this Tshirt is a symbol for all true warriors! Promoted by the […]

Roots of our artwork

Today, I would like to talk a bit about the roots of MI Sports distinguished art work, used for the designs of our sportswear and souvenirs. MI Sports utilizes traditional Japanese art style, very specific in its nature: Our artwork is deeply rooted in the Japanese Shintoism. Shintoism is a religion, originated from the traditional […]


THANKSGIVING is upon us and there is no better occasion, to present your dear grappler with the perfect Gift Basket, including hand drawn Japanese mythology NIO guardians rashguard: And top that with a beautiful snapback hat, with コンバットレスリング (Japanese for COMBAT WRESTLING) embroidery on the front and hand drawn under brim print, depicting two Japanese […]