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The Oni Gi


The Oni Gi K2

Owner’s limited edition BJJ Gi.

Simplicity, minimalism, warrior spirit and Shinto harmony. All in one.

– Gold weave light Gi with black stitching and red embroidery.

– 100% Cotton.

– Our famous Oni design embroidery on the back and front, left side of the pants.

– Traditional Shinto pray 祓えたまえ 清めたまえ 守りたまえ 幸たまえ embroided on the jacket low, back side for protection from evil spirits.

– 強者 (Tsuwamono- a warrior) embroidery on the top, left side of the jacket.

– Custom embroidery of the owner’s family name on the top, right side of the pants.

– Standard sizing from A1 to A4, although custom sizes are available on request.

$138 In stock