Roots of our artwork

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Today, I would like to talk a bit about the roots of MI Sports distinguished art work, used for the designs of our sportswear and souvenirs.

MI Sports utilizes traditional Japanese art style, very specific in its nature:

Our artwork is deeply rooted in the Japanese Shintoism.

Shintoism is a religion, originated from the traditional Buddhism, practiced by mountainous hermits, later to become the widespread in the whole of Japan, with many mountain monk- warrior sects.

Shinto pantheon of spirits (神 or KAMI) includes countless deities and supernatural creatures. KAMI can be any gods, goddesses, ancestors and spirits, inhabiting the natural elements of water, fire, earth, sky and others.

Shinto deities are not necessarily “good” or “bad”. Instead, they are “rough” or “gentle”. There is no established moral code or strict segregation, and sometimes a “rough” spirit could have a very positive characteristics, or to be an inspiration and protector for the people of certain trade.

Shinto KAMI are ever expending- after we die, we all become a KAMI and depending on the life one had, he or she can be elevated to the status of a Shinto deity with a following and be celebrated.

Shinto beliefs were very popular within the warrior sect of feodal Japan, deeply instrumental in forming the warrior code of Bushido. Hence, the canonic images and epic scenes, depicting iconic figures and famous warriors, achieved the status of Shinto deities.

Certain KAMI are very common for the indigenous tattoo style of Japan, used for protection from evil spirits, to bring luck or to strike fear in the enemies hearts.

Following this tradition, our hand drawn rashguards, shorts and gis are essentially a battle armor, enchanted with prayers and iconic symbols, designed specifically to protect the one who wears it and give him powers to overcome any obstacle, becoming a true TSUWAMONO (強者 or a warrior).

Yours truly,

The 強者 Brand.