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In October, the MI SPORTS online shop will officially present the whole new collection of Tsuwamono Rashguards, based on characters and images from the ancient mythology and modern culture of Japan, all hand drawn in simplistic Ukiyo-e style.

The Mamori Tamae rashguard is inspired by Yagadome project for support of unprivileged kids. “Mamori Tamae” is a part of Shinto prayer for protection. 
20% from the sales of these rashguards are directly processed to support the Yagadome Kids Program for orphans and children in need.
Vlad’s Rashguard is a custom order rashguard for Vladislav Koulikov, the famous SAMBO/ BJJ and Grappling coach, owner of the Koulikov Grappling Academy in New York.
The original design was revamped and simplified with main focus on the back piece, illustrating a tattoed ronin, submitting a samurai via toe hold leglock.
Text in Japanese bellow is the loose translation of Foot Fetish Club.
The Raijin Rashguard is dedicated to Raijin (雷神) the Shinto God of thunder and lighting.
It is believed, that he has demon like features and rocks a really cool drum set, which he beats and that is how thunders and lightings are created.
Basically the God of Heavy Metal!
The Nio Guardians are the mythological bodyguards of Buddha. 
Usually depicted as angry buff wrestlers, their statues are located at all buddhist temple gates in Japan.

Stay tuned for the other 4 designs from our Tsuwamono Rashguards line, to be presented later this week.


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The SUIMON YABURI is our official IBJJF legal rash guard.

The central back piece is designed after the famous Japanese scene, depicting the incident at Lion Bridge in Osaka, one of the most beloved tattoo designs by yakuza and outlaws.

We offer sleeve color selection, based on the BJJ belt level.

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