New Judo line coming soon…

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We are currently working on a new Judo line, to present a full set white and blue training kimonos, with rashguard and spats, all custom made for the rising star of the Bulgarian national Judo team, Mr. Daniel Dichev!

Coming from very humble beginnings, Mr. Dichev is familiar with the difficulties of life from very early age and only thanks to the sport of Judo, he is now capable of studying in one of the top universities in Tokyo, Japan, with a full scholarship, allowing him to train his favorite sport all day, every day, preparing to represent Bulgaria in the Summer Olympics in Tokyo 2020.

MI Sports is developing the DStar line in cooperation with Mr. Dichev and will soon start testing, before we make an official announcement of the product, who will also become a part of the donation program for unprivileged kids, under the Yagadome patronage.

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