Our new model, Mr. Gorbachov

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MI SPORTS design team just did an amazing photo model shooting session! Our long time supporter and fan, the powerlifter and all around bad guy, Mr. Gorbachov, who is now officially a model of the brand MI SPORTS!

Mr. Gorbachov
Mr. Gorbachov

MI SPORTS is all about the hardcore fans!

We design cool and sturdy streetwear.

Using special, enchanted designes from the old school Japanese ukiyo-e style, used in traditional irezumi tattoos, that will make you stand out from the crowd.

And our friend, Mr. Gorbachov from Plovdiv, Bulgaria, is the best model, to represent our brand!

Mr. Gorbachov is a lifelong powerlifter, boxer, a heavy weight athlete, cigar and single malt scotch connoisseur, metalhead, bull terrier lover and a heart of every company.

Who could represent The Warrior Brand better?!

Let us present you the MI SPORTS newest model edition, and please greet him:

Mr. Gorbachov

Mr. Gorbachov’s exited face
Mr. Gorbachov likes to deadlift
Mr. Gorbachov likes violence
Mr. Gorbachov in all his presidential authority