GION Tank Top

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Our apparel section is expending!

We now add a tank top, for our female customers, with one of the most popular, hand drawn designs we have created- the spiked bat geisha from Gion!

GION (祇園) is a famous downtown area in Kyoto, where most of the ancient Japan’s nightlife was located.

A home to many geisha houses, drinking places, gamble houses and eateries, the vibrant GION attracted people from all walks of life, including many underground characters.

We entrusted the manufacturing and printing of the tank top to our partners in Hungary and they did not disappoint!

High quality stretching cotton, with very durable colors, that dont change even after 10 washings.

Screen printed image, lasting practically for as long as the tank top itself.

The GION tank top is a casual wear piece, as much as a battle tested training equipment for our Crossfit, workout, fitness and yoga ladies!

And of course, it comes with FREE SHIPPING policy to all our EU, USA and Japan clients!