Holidays Special 2019

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Holidays are upon us!

The Christmas is next week and if you have been naughty this year, you KNOW, you didnt make Santa’s list!

Who’s got your back, when times are hard and winter is coming?

MI SPORTS got you, homie!

Our new DOROBO Kit is now live in the store, just for the holidays!

DOROBO (泥棒) is a Japanese thief, who moves in the shadows, waits for the perfect momentum, strikes fast and disappears into the night, without a trace.

The DOROBO holidays special kit includes:

  • DOROBO thief signature hoodie
  • KILL’EM ALL killer tee
  • Choice between newly released ANIKI knitted hats: THE WARRIOR BRAND or the FOOT FETISH CLUB

All top quality products, delivered straight from our warehouse in Europe!

The DOROBO Kit adds 10 points to Stealthiness and more!

Stay warm this winter, keep away from blue lights, creep stealthy and stab a Nightwalker in the heart!