About Us

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MI SPORTS is a custom design brand, originated in Osaka, JAPAN.

We create the concept, design and manufacture sports equipment and casual apparel for teams, organizations and events.

All custom orders start with the thoughtful process of choosing the right concept, in harmony with the deep symbolism, involved with the drawing of every detail of the end product.

We produce samples in our partner factories in EU and Asia, using the most modern technologies and fabrics, to ensure top quality of all MI SPORTS gear.

MI SPORTS is proud sponsor of the FICW® (the International Combat Wrestling Federation), the Yagadome events and projects and many other sport and casual events.

Here are some samples of our work:

KillEm All Tee (2019)
TOMOMORI Hoodie (2019)
Combat Wrestling World Championship snapback (2017)
GION ladies tank top (2019)
ONI Gi (2018)
Valkyrie Squad rash guard (2017)
FICW® competition rash guard (2017)
Foot Fetish Club rash guard (2017)